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Welcome to my portfolio website!

My name is Christos Emilios Prastitis. I completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Cyprus in 2009 and my MSc in Games Programming at the University of Hull in the UK in 2010. This site is dedicated to the publication of my work over the years. It's still under construction but it's getting there!

In the projects tab on top, you will find a list with descriptions on all of my major projects related to games and graphics, along with screenshots and links to my gameplay videos (my gameplay videos are hosted on youtube, also viewable from my video galery on this site). I will also be providing download links (rapidshare) for the executable files in case someone wants to take a better look at my projects. A readme file will be provided with instructions on how to run them.

If someone wants to contact me, for any reason, feel free to do so. My email is

You can also download a copy of my CV by clicking here

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